Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fresh Painted Chairs For Spring

Wednesdays are my new "Get 'er Done" days.  Every week on Wednesday I have a few ladies over for  breakfast and lunch, we sit around just crafting, and finishing unfinished projects for our homes.  First it was my Picture Wall (for another post), and second was my Pillows (also for another post), this past Wednesday I broke out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and got two of my dinning chairs done.

Since the chairs already were so feminine  I used a more masculine fabric on the seats so my Hubbs would still feel like a man sitting on them. ( love you babe).  I LOVE them! 

I also wanted to try and see if it was true that Chalk Paint worked well on leather!?! 
I had bought this chair for $6.00 at DI when I was pregnant with my most recent little girl.  Such a steal right? 

 Its so drab, but the lines are FAB...
Here it is after its little make over.

I am surprised at how nice the chalk paint feels on the leather, as well as how real it looks!  We've had everyone sit on it and test it out.  So far it has held up to rubbing, wiping, rough sitting, and it is flexible with the leather so no cracking or wrinkles!  Crossing my fingers it lasts.

I used regular latex paint in pure white for the wood, and used a silver sharpie pen to bring out the lines and details on the arms and legs...its not very noticeable since it reflects light, but it adds just enough.