Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bringing Hannah Home

Although I love being pampered at the hospital, I was really ready for us to get home this time.  I was also dreading it at the same time cause I hadn't cleaned the house.  We had planned on leaving at 1:00 straight after lunch, but since the nursing staff was super busy ( they had filled all the rooms in labor and delivery as well as some the next floor up!) it took them forever to get all the paper work finished.  We ended up getting home around 4:00 that afternoon.  We stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some supplies as well as this awesome stuff..
yep Coconut Oil, best stuff ever!  We use it for everything,  face, bums, hair, and of course we use it cooking.  This is my favorite kind.

Our Birth Story

Warning:  This is a birth story, I have kept it as appropriate as possible, but there are somethings that might still gross you out.

December 17th started out like a typical Monday morning. Steve's alarm woke us up, he sighed knowing that there was no "action" happening and that he had to get up and go to work again...(the excitement of not only getting to spend two weeks payed vacation with the family, but also avoiding the crazy Christmas work was getting to him). Since my midwife advised me not to drive any more Steve just took the van to work, my mom was meeting me at 11:15 to take me to my 11:45 check up.  I was completely out of energy and 1 day past my due date,  I looked at my house and just felt depressed, so I did only the most important stuff, dishes, swept, mopped, cleaned off the sofa. ( Those tend to be the most messy things in our house) and spent most of my my morning resting.  I had been having mild contractions for two days now and basically gave up on having my little princess all naturally since I was measuring a whopping 44-45 weeks!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Due In 15 Days

( Warning: Lots of words in this post)
Little Hannah is on her way!  I am 38 weeks tomorrow and could not be more ready for her to come, ok maybe I could.  It is December 1st and I am sitting in the laundry strewed living room of our new rental.  The hospital bag is almost packed, its just missing a few things like my yoga pants (can't find them) and the toiletries.  Hannah's bag however is ready to go!  Isn't it cute?

I went with a simple grey pleather (wipe able) bag. We have done this twice before with Mia & Jude and I am completely worried confident of my bag packing skills. But here is what I did pack and remember using with my other two.

Easy wipe able diaper bag
Lip balm
My favorite diaper cream
Two pacifiers ( although I will not be using them)
A few new born diapers ( just in case, but the hospital usually provides and sends you home with some)
Warm blanket
3-4 outfits ( 3 simple sleepers, and one going home)
Breast feeding pads
Nursing cover
swaddling blankets
preferred wipes
feeding ointment (lasinoh)
Boppy pillow

Next up is our Super Awesome Find!  The playpen.  
I was really particular about finding something that "did it all" because we are living in a small space. 
I haven't put the changing table, or the napper on since I was still organizing all her things.  This is my favorite buy cause its not huge! 

Its just what we need and it rolls easily from room to room. We got it for a steel off for only $85.00.  Sweet savings. 

Hopefully our next post will be showing a lot of the "two feet" our family will be growing.

Pregnancy update:
How far along? 38 Weeks
Total weight gain: up 2 lbs. (lost weight at the beginning of the pregnancy and have gained all + 2lbs)
Maternity clothes? Yep
Stretch marks? Two small new ones

Sleep: Terrible.  I am sore, and I am posetive its cause she is at a -1 this week.
Best moment this week:
Kid2Kids "Fill A Bag" event...yes im not kidding. Fill a bag to the top for $10.00.  LOVED IT!
Miss Anything?  Walking straight.  I feel like a duck (waddle waddle).  Playing and singing piano.  Its been too hard to sit on my bench. 
Movement: oh yes she is a crazy mover!

Food cravings: Sweets! I know dangerous, but I do I want carrot cake and spiced cupcakes sound so good! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing right now.
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs:
Yes! I am so excited.  We are at -1, 3cm, 70%.  Also last night I had some contractions I actually had to concentrate breathing threw!
Symptoms: Some contractions, and lots of pain in my hips the last little while.
Belly Button in or out? Flat!
Wedding rings on or off? on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & a little moody!

Looking forward to:  D-DAY!  Oh I wish I knew so I could plan around it!

* Update:  So I thought I'd write what I really used in the hospital. This just what my baby and I needed.  

Warm Blanket 
Swaddling blankets
4 outfits (3 simple sleepers, 1 coming home)
loose comfortable outfit(Mom)
Car Seat
Car Seat Cover
baby socks
baby gloves
Boppy Pillow
Lip Balm(Mom)
Nursing cover
Make Up(Mom