Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bringing Hannah Home

Although I love being pampered at the hospital, I was really ready for us to get home this time.  I was also dreading it at the same time cause I hadn't cleaned the house.  We had planned on leaving at 1:00 straight after lunch, but since the nursing staff was super busy ( they had filled all the rooms in labor and delivery as well as some the next floor up!) it took them forever to get all the paper work finished.  We ended up getting home around 4:00 that afternoon.  We stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some supplies as well as this awesome stuff..
yep Coconut Oil, best stuff ever!  We use it for everything,  face, bums, hair, and of course we use it cooking.  This is my favorite kind.

So we make it home...
 I will never forget Steve heading in before me to make sure everything was clear for me, and hearing him GASP and say Whoa!  I knew that a couple of my dear friends had been there to "Just do a couple of things" had not only deep cleaned my entire house, but built our master bed up, stalked our cupboards, fridge, freezer, and shampoos etc!  All I could do is stand there and cry.  I am pretty sure Steve was crying as well.  Maleah and Judah were dancing around taking full advantage of the clean floor and begging me to let them hold Hannah.  Judah chickened out, but Maleah was in heaven! 
See our pile of stuff from the hospital?  They came in and not only encouraged us to take everything...They brought us in another bag of diapers and gifts like a diaper bag  formula, wipes, coupons, and a lot more.  

All in all it was a pretty awesome day. We will never forget the kindness of our friends who came and made our house so clean and inviting to us, as well as the people who brought us meals.

Hannah's first time sleeping on her boppy

Hannah's first manicure!

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